Strategies For Playing Pokies Online


When it comes to gambling, the general rule which applies to both life and online gambling is that the more difficult of the game is to understand, the odds to win something are higher, and the other way around. If we talk about the games that are easy to understand, one of the games we certainly have to mention is pokies or slots. This is a game of chance which is based purely on luck and which uses a mechanism of generating the random combination of symbols. It is a common belief that there is no way to plan a strategy when it comes to playing pokies and this is true up to some point. But there are some steps you can follow before playing pokies in order to increase your chances of winning at least a little.

mega-moolah-pokies-580x435First of all, even though modern, videogame–like slots are more fun to play because they offer more options together with better graphics and sound, you should know that more simple games offer you better odds because there are no so many possible combinations of symbols. The general rule states that the odds are they the best on a three reel machines. Secondly, the odds also increase with the denomination, so it is better to play fewer games with more invested in money per game then to play more games with less money invested. Games that are more expensive usually have higher jackpot and they can even have progressive jackpots. Either way, make sure that you only use the money previously determined for gambling, and not the money you need for everyday purposes. Try to play as slow as possible, do not rush and play as little as you can. Some games offer you a skill feature, such as Top Dollar, and these games usually offer you advice which you should definitely take.


Even though the following advice may not be considered as strategy, you should also apply them before you begin to play pokies. The first thing is that you will need to determine the amount of money which you will use only for gambling, as mentioned previously. This is the stash of money for your pleasure and entertainment and once it is spent on gambling, though not go along the using the money from your home budget in order to play casino games. Mega-Moolah-Isis-Online-PokiesIt is important that you keep yourself under control. You can also try to develop a pattern of playing where you can bet more money while you are winning, and less money while you are losing. This way, the game can last longer and you can play in a more sensible manner. It is also highly advisable that you read and understand the rules of any game you choose to play in order not to be confused or not to feel cheated. Keep in mind that more complex online pokies games can be a bit confusing at first and can have more rules than just pressing the button. And last, but not least, though not to be superstitious and believe the myths and misconceptions about slot machines and the games being set up. It is old only but randomly chosen set of symbols which has nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy, but it is purely a matter of luck.

To conclude, when playing pokies, you should mainly rely on luck, but it is always good to have some sort of a plan or strategy so you can enjoy the game and not suffer too much of the loss.