Finacial aspects of mobile casinos

Mobile-Casino-GamesGambling industry is going through its golden age, especially when it comes to online and mobile casinos which present a real Promise Land for everyone involved in on the biggest markets in internet trade. Changes and overall development of mobile devices have contributed to the rise in popularity of games and applications created for players who are in search for a bit of fun and entertainment.

This market is one of the most interesting and fastest growing, and the numbers for revenue or downloads are increasing as we speak. Many research projects have been conducted and though maybe it is hard to be sure which of them are independent completely, but some serious agencies can be trusted and we could take their results without that fear of bias.

For example, the numbers coming from Eilers Research, a company that deals with statistics of gambling industry, show almost incredible rise of revenue for social casino sites: from $1.3 billion in 2012 it rose to $2.8 billion in 2014. On top of all that – in 2015 revenue is expected to reach the astonishing $3.5 billion. Impressive numbers, indeed.
mobile-casino-ukAlso, another firm that deals in statistics and finances involved around online and mobile casinos – App Annie, reports that spending in mobile casino games for iPhone users had doubled in the period from November 2013 to November 2014. Similar scenario happened on Google Play, but only with even bigger intensity, because revenue from Android users of casino games on mobile phones had increased by 105 % in a year. However, average spending per user is slightly larger for an iOS user then for an average Android owner, since in-app purchases cost $56.24 on an average iPhone compared to “opponents” $52.78.


Research has also shown that games on mobile casino can be divided in two groups, according to the way they provide their services to the customers. On one side we have Premium games, which require immediate payment or deposit upon sing-up in order to be able to play at all.

The other type consist of the so called “free-to-play” games for mobile casinos (and other games, of course) who let you in at first, so you can actually start playing, but later during opening new levels or bonuses you are required to “invest” some real money. This investment is called “in-app purchase” and it is the highest source of income for developers of games for mobile casinos. Very strategically you are allowed to play for free and then when you are “hooked” on a certain game it is easy to fool you into spending money on bonuses, upgrades or just to unlock a next exciting level.

Also, mobile casino business and mobile gaming in general is increasingly moving away from Facebook and other social networks and relies solely on marketing and promotion in application stores. Worldwide growth in downloads is also just being expected in the near future when more and more countries open up to real-money gambling on mobile devices, and this is expected to cause another rise in revenue and profits for owners of mobile casino sites and applications.