Best iPhone Slots To Try And Play


There is a sea of iPhone Slots games. They all aim to be unique with their settings, but only few of them give a feeling of unique and interesting slots that can be played for a longer amount of time.

First one should be Born to be Rich. While some of iPhone slots apps allow you to stop spins, so you can control them, and on the other hand some are fully automatic, Born to be Rich iPhone Slots machine gives you a freedom to choose either one of these options. With high-end graphical interface this game represents everything that iPhone slots machine app should be.

to toNext iPhone Slots app is Big Win Slots. This app gives you free coins every few hours, and thus becoming quite addictive. You can also choose between the number of reels you want to play with. Big Win Slots also include leaderboards so you can keep a track of how successful you are compared to others. And it also has some of the most beautiful payout animations you have ever seen.

With tens of thousands positive reviews from players, Big Fish Casino is one of the best slots applications in the world. And it has its own fact to confirm this statement. Big Fish Casino has everything anyone wants at any given time. Rooms for big bidders, for those that like slow and long games with small bids, and rooms for first time players and beginners. It offers hundred thousand chips for the first time players and gives more chips every half an hour, making you play all day long.

You can play solo, with friends or with strangers, Big Fish Casino gives a social feel to iPhone Slots games. There are no adware, not even for free players. Great addition is that you can play other games too, on the same place, just name it. And as its name suggests you come here, you play big, you win big.

to to pThen we have few iPhone Slots that have their own themes that attract players from all around the world. First of those is Sweet Stacks. This iPhone Slots app theme is cult classic television show Twin Peaks. Including a beaver that wears sweater and glasses, all that while carrying a log, this app is a must have and must play. This game also contains a full on motif of various dinner dishes. With multiple mascots and lot of tasty looking food this app provides satisfaction and rest to every player.

Next one is Vegas Penny Slots. This iPhone Slots app offers you recreation of real life casino full of slot machines. It is as simple as that. There is no need to travel to Vegas to feel it, you have it all here.

At the end we should also mention some of most played iPhone slots apps that are out there.

These are loved because of their uniqueness. First we have Thunderstruck 2, a 243-way slots, then there is 100 ways Lions Pride, with high payouts and lastly we have Mega Moolah with its progressive slots.