Roulette – Simple Money Making Game


Roulette or little wheel in French if you like, is a casino game that exists for two hundred years. Some people believe that roulette was invented by French physicist Blaise Pascal. In popular culture, roulettes are referred as a game for elite parts of society. But as global society makes progress, roulettes are making their way into low-income spheres. Roulettes are very popular. Most popular types of roulette are American and French. These two are basically the same only the American has extra green coloured field and that boosted American casinos profits. It is better to play French one in order to get bigger amounts of money.

zzzThe game is simple. Place your bets on the table and watch the wheel spinning. All depends from your bets. There are various theories and mathematical equation on the subject but probably the most popular is D’Alembert system. It’s very simple and can be applied to various games where placing bets is involved. For example: Blackjack, Live betting etc.

Place a bet on a black field and say that the ball will stop on black-coloured part of the circle. If it stops on red just double the bet. At some point you will get money. This is probably the safest way of play. The other method is the same just place bets on Even and Odd fields. Chances in these conditions are 50:50 and if you want to risk more and get more you can play twelve numbers and your chance are at 33% but also money that you can win is bigger.

Betting randomly on “lucky numbers” or using some similar method doesn’t make any sense. You will certainly lose.


Online roulettes are also great. It is still funny watching it spins but this method of play is a little bit hard to adjust. There comes times when six times in a row is a different colour. So playing it online doesn’t bring up a pile of cash. Playing it for fun, with no real money betting will be extremely easy on any online casino site. Online roulettes are good when you want to see what roulette really is. In those terms roulette and online casino sites are great.

zzzzWatching the wheel spins on a tablet, Android or iOS systems are completely different thing. Comparing the graphics, mechanics, speed and smoothness is great. It is much easier to handle things on the smaller and more adjustable screen. On the other hand when you are trying to adapt some of the strategies it just doesn’t work. Not a single one that I now. I guess luck plays an important role in this really simple game. The best app on Google Playstore is Roulette Royale. It has good graphics, it’s dynamic. It’s just great if you want to play for fun. On App store Casino Style Roulette is the one that I prefer the most.

Roulette is a great game and you should play it. Betting wisely can get you a lot of money. But be cautious , speed that brings you the fortune can push you into downfall.