Playing Casino Games On Facebook


Everyone has at least one friend who often sends him invitations to play a game on Facebook. It is usually quite annoying for many people who do not use Facebook for games, and there are many status updates that serve as a plea or a warning for friends to stop sending the invitations. The truth is that the game app itself is the one that sends the invitations to everyone in the friends list, but that is a whole new topic. The thing to be considered here is whether you belong to the first or to the second group. If you ask your friends through status updates to stop sending you the invitations because you do not play games, you might as well stop reading this article. However, if you are among those whose favorite pastime is playing games on Facebook, keep on reading.

american_roulette_online-gameAs you probably know, the types of Facebook games are incredibly versatile. But here we will stick to casino games. The Internet has provided us with the opportunity to move so many activities to the online setting, and traditional casino games started getting their online counterparts as well. There are many websites whose specialty is online gambling, and if you sign up for one of these, you will be able to play any casino game you like, and choose to play it for real money or just for fun, in order to spare some time or to practice a game before you decide to place real bets.

unnamedWhen it comes to Facebook casino games, the situation is different. First of all, you cannot bet for real money. There have been some attempts to introduce real money casino games on Facebook, but these have been retreated for different reasons. Either because their earnings plan was not fulfilled or because of the facts that online gambling is still not regulated in many countries, so actually only a minority of Facebook users can play the games in order to actually gamble. So when it comes to investing any real money in these games, it all comes down to buying Facebook credits. What can you do with them? If you play a more demanding game, you can buy Facebook credits in order to invest them into the items you need to go on playing or to improve your game. 50 credits cost $1, but they can also be earned in different ways. First, you can scratch a lottery ticket and earn the credits this way. When it comes to casino games, there are several ways of obtaining credits. If you play poker, roulette, slots or any other casino games, the whole point is earning and investing Facebook credits, since there is no real money involved. Therefore, if you play your game wisely, or if you are just on your lucky day, you can win a lot of Facebook credits which will be of use for you for further playing. If you happen to lose all, as it was said before – you can buy more credits for real money and then go on playing.

online-gambling-problemFrom all this we can conclude that Facebook is still mainly here just for fun and you should think of their games simply as being one way of killing time. If you are up to chasing some real bets and more life-like casino games, you should definitely look for other options and find an online casino which will provide you with an opportunity for actual gambling.