Online Casino Games


Everybody enjoys going to the casino, and there’s nothing more exciting than to participate in numerous games that it offers. Of course casinos are not close and available for everyone,so many of you could not afford this experience to yourself. But, with the advent of internet casinos, everything is changed. So now it is possible to enjoy of all delights of the casino without leaving your home. Today there are hundreds of online casinos that offer a variety of games. So if you are fan of the casinos, you will find some place where you could play the games.

The popularity of online casinos has increased so much lately that their number has grown to several hundred. For that reason, selecting the right one sometimes becomes a nightmare. I’ll try to help you find the highest quality online casino places and say few things about them.Today there are hundreds of these places, which are definitely different in quality. Since it is usually very difficult to manage in selecting the right one, I will give you a couple of them I think they are good.

a5-Bet at home casino – Games are played directly in the browser without having anything to download. It is also possible to try all the games for free, before you start playing for money. Money is very easy to pay and also pay out. You can use all standard payment methods such as Moneybookers (Skrill), credit cards Visa and MasterCard, Paysafecard and bank transfer.

Bet365 online casino – Bet365 is primarily known as the online bookmakers. Today they are among the top 5 betting places on the Internet. They have achieved an extremely high quality of service. Games can be played directly in the browser (about 65 games available in this way), or you can download their software which contains over 150 games. Bet365 has a mobile casino, so all the games you can enjoy on your iPhone or Android smartphones.
*Learn about the most popular online casino games*
-Roulette: Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino. In fact the only blackjack can compete in popularity with it. The reason for this is its simplicity. Roulette does not require any knowledge or skill. Place your bet, wait until the ball lands and see whether you get it or not.
caesars-palace-blackjack– Blackjack: is a card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and is now probably the most popular game in the casino. -Slot games: What makes them so interesting is that there are slot games with different themes, so everyone can find a game which is right for him.
– Baccarat: Baccarat is a card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards (usually 6 or 8 decks), and the aim of the game is to predict which hand will win (the player or the banker). The hand with a value closer to 9 wins.

-Videopoker: Video Poker is a casino game that is based on the “five-card draw” poker and is played on a computerized console which is very similar in appearance slot games. Although there are many types of video poker they all work the same way.

– Let It Ride: Let It Ride is also known as Let Them Ride Poker Ride and Poker Pursuit, and devised and patented by the company Shufflemaster which manufactures machinery for the continuous mixing of cards. The game is a variation of poker in which a player immediately pay all bets, and then decide whether they gonna stay in game or back up.

Best iPhone Slots To Try And Play


There is a sea of iPhone Slots games. They all aim to be unique with their settings, but only few of them give a feeling of unique and interesting slots that can be played for a longer amount of time.

First one should be Born to be Rich. While some of iPhone slots apps allow you to stop spins, so you can control them, and on the other hand some are fully automatic, Born to be Rich iPhone Slots machine gives you a freedom to choose either one of these options. With high-end graphical interface this game represents everything that iPhone slots machine app should be.

to toNext iPhone Slots app is Big Win Slots. This app gives you free coins every few hours, and thus becoming quite addictive. You can also choose between the number of reels you want to play with. Big Win Slots also include leaderboards so you can keep a track of how successful you are compared to others. And it also has some of the most beautiful payout animations you have ever seen.

With tens of thousands positive reviews from players, Big Fish Casino is one of the best slots applications in the world. And it has its own fact to confirm this statement. Big Fish Casino has everything anyone wants at any given time. Rooms for big bidders, for those that like slow and long games with small bids, and rooms for first time players and beginners. It offers hundred thousand chips for the first time players and gives more chips every half an hour, making you play all day long.

You can play solo, with friends or with strangers, Big Fish Casino gives a social feel to iPhone Slots games. There are no adware, not even for free players. Great addition is that you can play other games too, on the same place, just name it. And as its name suggests you come here, you play big, you win big.

to to pThen we have few iPhone Slots that have their own themes that attract players from all around the world. First of those is Sweet Stacks. This iPhone Slots app theme is cult classic television show Twin Peaks. Including a beaver that wears sweater and glasses, all that while carrying a log, this app is a must have and must play. This game also contains a full on motif of various dinner dishes. With multiple mascots and lot of tasty looking food this app provides satisfaction and rest to every player.

Next one is Vegas Penny Slots. This iPhone Slots app offers you recreation of real life casino full of slot machines. It is as simple as that. There is no need to travel to Vegas to feel it, you have it all here.

At the end we should also mention some of most played iPhone slots apps that are out there.

These are loved because of their uniqueness. First we have Thunderstruck 2, a 243-way slots, then there is 100 ways Lions Pride, with high payouts and lastly we have Mega Moolah with its progressive slots.

Roulette – Simple Money Making Game


Roulette or little wheel in French if you like, is a casino game that exists for two hundred years. Some people believe that roulette was invented by French physicist Blaise Pascal. In popular culture, roulettes are referred as a game for elite parts of society. But as global society makes progress, roulettes are making their way into low-income spheres. Roulettes are very popular. Most popular types of roulette are American and French. These two are basically the same only the American has extra green coloured field and that boosted American casinos profits. It is better to play French one in order to get bigger amounts of money.

zzzThe game is simple. Place your bets on the table and watch the wheel spinning. All depends from your bets. There are various theories and mathematical equation on the subject but probably the most popular is D’Alembert system. It’s very simple and can be applied to various games where placing bets is involved. For example: Blackjack, Live betting etc.

Place a bet on a black field and say that the ball will stop on black-coloured part of the circle. If it stops on red just double the bet. At some point you will get money. This is probably the safest way of play. The other method is the same just place bets on Even and Odd fields. Chances in these conditions are 50:50 and if you want to risk more and get more you can play twelve numbers and your chance are at 33% but also money that you can win is bigger.

Betting randomly on “lucky numbers” or using some similar method doesn’t make any sense. You will certainly lose.


Online roulettes are also great. It is still funny watching it spins but this method of play is a little bit hard to adjust. There comes times when six times in a row is a different colour. So playing it online doesn’t bring up a pile of cash. Playing it for fun, with no real money betting will be extremely easy on any online casino site. Online roulettes are good when you want to see what roulette really is. In those terms roulette and online casino sites are great.

zzzzWatching the wheel spins on a tablet, Android or iOS systems are completely different thing. Comparing the graphics, mechanics, speed and smoothness is great. It is much easier to handle things on the smaller and more adjustable screen. On the other hand when you are trying to adapt some of the strategies it just doesn’t work. Not a single one that I now. I guess luck plays an important role in this really simple game. The best app on Google Playstore is Roulette Royale. It has good graphics, it’s dynamic. It’s just great if you want to play for fun. On App store Casino Style Roulette is the one that I prefer the most.

Roulette is a great game and you should play it. Betting wisely can get you a lot of money. But be cautious , speed that brings you the fortune can push you into downfall.

Finacial aspects of mobile casinos

Mobile-Casino-GamesGambling industry is going through its golden age, especially when it comes to online and mobile casinos which present a real Promise Land for everyone involved in on the biggest markets in internet trade. Changes and overall development of mobile devices have contributed to the rise in popularity of games and applications created for players who are in search for a bit of fun and entertainment.

This market is one of the most interesting and fastest growing, and the numbers for revenue or downloads are increasing as we speak. Many research projects have been conducted and though maybe it is hard to be sure which of them are independent completely, but some serious agencies can be trusted and we could take their results without that fear of bias.

For example, the numbers coming from Eilers Research, a company that deals with statistics of gambling industry, show almost incredible rise of revenue for social casino sites: from $1.3 billion in 2012 it rose to $2.8 billion in 2014. On top of all that – in 2015 revenue is expected to reach the astonishing $3.5 billion. Impressive numbers, indeed.
mobile-casino-ukAlso, another firm that deals in statistics and finances involved around online and mobile casinos – App Annie, reports that spending in mobile casino games for iPhone users had doubled in the period from November 2013 to November 2014. Similar scenario happened on Google Play, but only with even bigger intensity, because revenue from Android users of casino games on mobile phones had increased by 105 % in a year. However, average spending per user is slightly larger for an iOS user then for an average Android owner, since in-app purchases cost $56.24 on an average iPhone compared to “opponents” $52.78.


Research has also shown that games on mobile casino can be divided in two groups, according to the way they provide their services to the customers. On one side we have Premium games, which require immediate payment or deposit upon sing-up in order to be able to play at all.

The other type consist of the so called “free-to-play” games for mobile casinos (and other games, of course) who let you in at first, so you can actually start playing, but later during opening new levels or bonuses you are required to “invest” some real money. This investment is called “in-app purchase” and it is the highest source of income for developers of games for mobile casinos. Very strategically you are allowed to play for free and then when you are “hooked” on a certain game it is easy to fool you into spending money on bonuses, upgrades or just to unlock a next exciting level.

Also, mobile casino business and mobile gaming in general is increasingly moving away from Facebook and other social networks and relies solely on marketing and promotion in application stores. Worldwide growth in downloads is also just being expected in the near future when more and more countries open up to real-money gambling on mobile devices, and this is expected to cause another rise in revenue and profits for owners of mobile casino sites and applications.

Playing Casino Games On Facebook


Everyone has at least one friend who often sends him invitations to play a game on Facebook. It is usually quite annoying for many people who do not use Facebook for games, and there are many status updates that serve as a plea or a warning for friends to stop sending the invitations. The truth is that the game app itself is the one that sends the invitations to everyone in the friends list, but that is a whole new topic. The thing to be considered here is whether you belong to the first or to the second group. If you ask your friends through status updates to stop sending you the invitations because you do not play games, you might as well stop reading this article. However, if you are among those whose favorite pastime is playing games on Facebook, keep on reading.

american_roulette_online-gameAs you probably know, the types of Facebook games are incredibly versatile. But here we will stick to casino games. The Internet has provided us with the opportunity to move so many activities to the online setting, and traditional casino games started getting their online counterparts as well. There are many websites whose specialty is online gambling, and if you sign up for one of these, you will be able to play any casino game you like, and choose to play it for real money or just for fun, in order to spare some time or to practice a game before you decide to place real bets.

unnamedWhen it comes to Facebook casino games, the situation is different. First of all, you cannot bet for real money. There have been some attempts to introduce real money casino games on Facebook, but these have been retreated for different reasons. Either because their earnings plan was not fulfilled or because of the facts that online gambling is still not regulated in many countries, so actually only a minority of Facebook users can play the games in order to actually gamble. So when it comes to investing any real money in these games, it all comes down to buying Facebook credits. What can you do with them? If you play a more demanding game, you can buy Facebook credits in order to invest them into the items you need to go on playing or to improve your game. 50 credits cost $1, but they can also be earned in different ways. First, you can scratch a lottery ticket and earn the credits this way. When it comes to casino games, there are several ways of obtaining credits. If you play poker, roulette, slots or any other casino games, the whole point is earning and investing Facebook credits, since there is no real money involved. Therefore, if you play your game wisely, or if you are just on your lucky day, you can win a lot of Facebook credits which will be of use for you for further playing. If you happen to lose all, as it was said before – you can buy more credits for real money and then go on playing.

online-gambling-problemFrom all this we can conclude that Facebook is still mainly here just for fun and you should think of their games simply as being one way of killing time. If you are up to chasing some real bets and more life-like casino games, you should definitely look for other options and find an online casino which will provide you with an opportunity for actual gambling.

Strategies For Playing Pokies Online


When it comes to gambling, the general rule which applies to both life and online gambling is that the more difficult of the game is to understand, the odds to win something are higher, and the other way around. If we talk about the games that are easy to understand, one of the games we certainly have to mention is pokies or slots. This is a game of chance which is based purely on luck and which uses a mechanism of generating the random combination of symbols. It is a common belief that there is no way to plan a strategy when it comes to playing pokies and this is true up to some point. But there are some steps you can follow before playing pokies in order to increase your chances of winning at least a little.

mega-moolah-pokies-580x435First of all, even though modern, videogame–like slots are more fun to play because they offer more options together with better graphics and sound, you should know that more simple games offer you better odds because there are no so many possible combinations of symbols. The general rule states that the odds are they the best on a three reel machines. Secondly, the odds also increase with the denomination, so it is better to play fewer games with more invested in money per game then to play more games with less money invested. Games that are more expensive usually have higher jackpot and they can even have progressive jackpots. Either way, make sure that you only use the money previously determined for gambling, and not the money you need for everyday purposes. Try to play as slow as possible, do not rush and play as little as you can. Some games offer you a skill feature, such as Top Dollar, and these games usually offer you advice which you should definitely take.


Even though the following advice may not be considered as strategy, you should also apply them before you begin to play pokies. The first thing is that you will need to determine the amount of money which you will use only for gambling, as mentioned previously. This is the stash of money for your pleasure and entertainment and once it is spent on gambling, though not go along the using the money from your home budget in order to play casino games. Mega-Moolah-Isis-Online-PokiesIt is important that you keep yourself under control. You can also try to develop a pattern of playing where you can bet more money while you are winning, and less money while you are losing. This way, the game can last longer and you can play in a more sensible manner. It is also highly advisable that you read and understand the rules of any game you choose to play in order not to be confused or not to feel cheated. Keep in mind that more complex online pokies games can be a bit confusing at first and can have more rules than just pressing the button. And last, but not least, though not to be superstitious and believe the myths and misconceptions about slot machines and the games being set up. It is old only but randomly chosen set of symbols which has nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy, but it is purely a matter of luck.

To conclude, when playing pokies, you should mainly rely on luck, but it is always good to have some sort of a plan or strategy so you can enjoy the game and not suffer too much of the loss.